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There is no ETA for out-of-stock items that come from Japan.

Shipments to overseas buyers will take longer than normal - possibly much longer. Patience is a virtue - especially in fishing.

Owner BS-25 Linewinder

The Owner BS-25 Linewinder is a convenient method for on-stream line storage. It will fit most keiryu rods but almost no tenkara rods.

Using the Owner BS-25 Linewinder is really quite simple. The linewinder just snaps on the rod. Leave the line attached to the lillian. Hook the fly (or the hook if you are keiryu fishing) into either one of the slots.

Then start winding the line around the two end posts.

When you have wound as much line as you can, slide the linewinder towards the rod butt until the line is tight.

To be safe, insert the tip plug or put the Fuji Rod cap back on the rod. If you are walking through brush, a branch can catch the line. If you do not have the tip plug in or a Fuji Rod cap on, a branch catching the line will break your rod tip!

That's it.

When it is time to remove the line, slide the linewinder a little ways towards to the rod tip. You can then unwind the line, unhook the fly, and either leave the linewinder on the rod or take it off and put it in your pocket.

I have to reiterate - the Owner BS-25 Linewinder will not fit on most tenkara rods. In fact, the ONLY tenkara rod I have on which the Linewinder will fit as snugly as required is the Daiwa Expert LT H44.

It will fit on the TenkaraBum Traveler 44. It will fit on the Field Master 39 but not the TenkaraBum Traveler 39. It will fit on the Daiwa Seiryu X 35 and Sagiri 39 but not the Suntech Kurenai 39. If you want to know whether it will fit on any of the rods sold on, ask. If you have questions about any rods not sold on, the answer is I don't know, but if it is a tenkara rod, the safe bet is no.

Owner BS-25 Linewinder
Blue - $4.50
Owner BS-25 Linewinder
Orange - $4.50


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