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"One Fly" Tying Kit™

The "One Fly" Tying Kit™ is for new and experienced fly tiers who would like to try a new tenkara pattern without having to buy a lot of new materials.

The one question asked by most people who are thinking of taking up fly tying is "can you save money tying your own flies?" The answer to that, as for many other questions, is "yes, but..." You can save money tying your own flies, but only, ONLY if you can avoid the slippery slope that catches most fly tiers. You can save money only if you remain, first and foremost, a "fly tier" and resist the urge to become a "collector of fly tying materials."

Tie flies and you'll save few bucks and have a very pleasant and rewarding pastime for when the snow flies, the wind blows or you can't get out on the water. Collect fly tying materials and you'll spend thousands of dollars on esoteric feathers and fibers, hair and hides. You won't (can't) save money if you buy materials that you will never use.

Each "One Fly" Tying Kit™ comes with a package of 25 Daiichi hooks, the materials required to tie 25 flies and a pattern sheet that provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions. There will be very little waste and you won't have to buy a whole rooster neck or partridge skin, or enough yarn for a whole sweater, just to try out few flies. If the fly works and you want to tie it on a regular basis, then you can buy the normal quantity of the required materials.

At this point, the following "One Fly" Tying Kits™ are available:

Minimal Dace
Pink Chenille Worm

The Minimal Dace is an extreme simplification of Art Flick's Black Nose Dace bucktail. It is much easier to tie and uses only black thread and a bucktail. And boy, does it catch fish!

The Pink Chenille Worm is a variation of the San Juan Worm. It is small, bright pink and tied on a small hook. It is an extremely effective fly and is about as easy to tie as you can get. It is also very inexpensive. Can you save money tying  your own flies? If you tie Pink Chenille Worms the answer is a definite yes!

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