Low river levels in Wales

30th of July and the weather is HOT! The river is really, really low! Again we are very short on time this weekend, working away from home in London all week, all the jobs back up around the house.

Sonia and I arrived at the river at 11:30am. Sonia decided today to stick to normal 7ft 3 weight fishing dry fly upstream. Looking in the back of the car at her kit, waders, jacket, boots. My side tenkara rod, small fly box! I decided to ditch the waders today and fish in shorts and flip flops. Less than 1 minute out of the car and I was ready to fish, Sonia had only just unrolled her waders! As a good husband should do, I left her the keys and headed off to the river.

Each time I go the the river now with the tenkara I try to take a new tied fly which I sort of invent just before trip. This time a weighted size 12 fly tied on a heavy grub hook with a partridge hackle up front and grey squirrel at the rear. The weight is intended today as I will be targeting the deep faster water.

Working my way upstream, the fish were very hard to contact! Pools that should produce were dead. Finally after a lot of searching a nice brown trout decided to help me out!

This was the only nibble of the short day for me. As you can see from the photos this is not the normal type of river for the tenkara, trees everywhere! But I find that I spend less time caught in trees with the tenkara because of the fixed line length, with a normal rod you tend to let out just a bit more line, before you know it your stuck in a tree, Been there?

Walked back to the car to find Sonia had only covered about 50 of river and had caught 9 trout all on a dry!!! One thing that I keep saying to her is to cover more water, She answers why move if the fish are there? Maybe we should all learn a lesson from her. Don't be in a rush to move on! Any way we left the river 1.5 hrs after arriving. More fishing tales to come.


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