Kids Tenkara Rods

A Kids Tenkara Rod should be light enough for a kid to handle, have a grip that a small hand can grasp easily, and have an action that will teach proper casting form. If it's easy on the wallet that's even better.

I think I have found the ideal Kids Tenkara Rods!

The Kids Tenkara Rod with a kid-sized fish.The Kids Tenkara Rod with a kid-sized fish.

The rods are the Tenkara Gen 240 and 270, which are made by Shimotsuke, the same company that makes the Kiyotaki and also the acclaimed Ten and Mai. The rods are made in China and realistically, are cheap Chinese rods, but as kid's rods they do make sense.

I wouldn't recommend either one in place of the Suntech TenkaraBum Traveler 27 as a small stream rod for a serious tenkara angler, but for a kid they're just about perfect. They are light weight at just 1.5 or 1.8 ounces (without the tip plug). The grip (cork, by the way) is narrow enough to fit a kid's hand. The price is low enough to fit dad's (or granddad's) budget.

The action is described as 7:3, which is probably as accurate as those ratings ever are.

Shimotsuke recommends either level or tapered lines for the rods. I would recommend a size 4 level fluorocarbon line. The rods will cast a size 3.5 line just fine but a kid will be able to cast a size 4 line more easily.


Big congratulations to Wyatt, who used his Tenkara Gen 270 to catch this "slam" in one stream on one day!

It was his first trout fishing trip with his tenkara rod. I bet it won't be his last!

Way to go, Wyatt!

Kids Tenkara Rod Features

The Kids Tenkara Rod grip is a two hump "camel" grip, just like that found on most adult's rods. The grip is cork. Both ends of the grip are a cork/rubber composite, which is much more durable than plain cork.

The blank is painted with a matte finish - dark charcoal gray with light olive accents at the section ends. Your kid may not be stealthy, but the rod is. If the fish get scared, it won't be from rod flash.

The lillian is glued directly to the rod tip. It is thin enough to pass through the second section.

The tip plug is fluted so that the line can be keep on the rod when the rod is collapsed. I would highly recommend inserting the tip plug as soon as the rod is collapsed. Then and only then wrap the line around a line holder. Doing it that way will produce line twist but it will prevent unsteady hands from breaking the rod tip. The line twist will come out when it is unwound from the holder. Similarly, unwrap the line from the holder before removing the tip plug.

The grip screw cap is knurled, has a slot so you can use a coin to tighten or loosen it, and has an air hole.

The rods do not come with a rod sock.

All in all, they're not bad rods for 70 or 75 bucks!


Length extended
Length collapsed
Weight (w/o tip plug)

Tenkara Gen 240

19 5/8"
1.5 oz
The manufacturer has not provided a recommendation.

Tenkara Gen 270

19 5/8"
1.8 oz
The manufacturer has not provided a recommendation.

Tenkara Gen 240 out of stock.

Shimotsuke Tenkara Gen 240 - $70

Shimotsuke Tenkara Gen 270 - $75


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