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Dr Slick Mitten Clamp

The Dr Slick Mitten Clamp is an excellent alternative to sticky forceps or hemostats. If you fish smaller mountain streams - the kind for which tenkara is ideal - you will catch wild fish. Most wild fish, particularly in the smaller streams, tend to be small. To remove a hook from a small fish it really helps to have a tool and flyfishermen generally use a pair of hemostats (also called forceps, although I think that may be technically incorrect).

For some time now, I've been using a pair that were very cheap, very effective and very, very shiny. Cheap and effective is good, shiny isn't. To replace them, I turned to industry leader Dr. Slick.

I was told I was the only person to ever return an order of Dr. Slick hemostats to Hareline Dubbin. The catch mechanism was so strong I couldn't free it to open the hemos with one hand. The last thing I want to do when trying to unhook and release a slick, squirmy little wild trout is have to take two hands to work the stupid hemostats.

The solution was the Dr Slick Mitten Clamp. I love it - and I have to say it's not just for mittens! Someone showed me one once and at that time I thought it was, dare I say it, pretty slick. Of course then I started catching fish or something and forgot all about it until just recently.

Like the whole ethos of tenkara, the Dr Slick Mitten Clamp is simple. Just squeeze. The squeeze tightens the clamp and engages the teeth that hold it shut.


There's no "stopper" though, so if you keep squeezing, the catch goes past all the teeth and that releases the clamp. The clamp has a spring that will open the jaws by just relaxing your grip, but the catching mechanism now slides behind the back side of the teeth so they don't engage.

And release

The Dr Slick Mitten Clamp comes with a ring to which a short cord loop is attached. I suppose you could slide your hand through the loop like a wrist strap, but that isn't simple. I think I'll just hook them to a zinger and not have to worry about them.

They do come in "shiny" as well as matte black, but if you want shiny you'll have to get them somewhere else. Also, the clamps come in 5 1/2" and 6 1/2" lengths. I have only the 5 1/2" clamps.

Dr. Slick Mitten Clamps - $20


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