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Arctic Grayling Round 1

by Doug
(Addison, VT)

Fly- Standard Killer Bug pattern with supplied blue yarn. Rod- Soyakaze

I work several weeks a year in Interior Alaska. I fished part of 3 days this last trip. Best day I stopped counting at 30; smallest fish 12" largest 17". Blue Killer Bug worked as well as Standard, Utah Guide version, or Sunburst. An Arctic Grayling could never win the biggest fish but the most, who knows? Leave again for 3 weeks soon and the fishing is best later in the season. What is the number we're shooting for Chris?

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Aug 10, 2013
by: Jimi Fly

Grayling or Soyokaze not sure which one I miss catching more. Grayling are awesome fun but man every time I see some one catching fish on a Soyokaze rod I kick myself for not buying one before Chris ran out. Location fish species and rod style all cause this post to make me drewl, nice post. I'd trade my Tenkara USA Iwana in a heartbeat for a good Soyokaze it would look so good next to my 21 and 27 Kiyotaki's all those little tanago rods rock my world.

Aug 10, 2013
by: Dave Southall

Grayling are my favourite species & it is over 13 years since I last had the chance to catch an Arctic Grayling (that was during a 2000 mile cycle ride from White Horse to Fairbanks & back).

I must get back to Alaska after them before I get too old!!!!

Aug 09, 2013
Number you're shooting for
by: TenkaraBum

You're shooting at a moving target, but I will say that if you fished for two days, didn't lose count, and submitted a photo of every fish you'd be in the lead.

Aug 09, 2013
What a beauty
by: Levi Cain

Graylings are a beautiful fish. I was never able to catch one the one time I was in Alaska though. Did you take pictures of each fish you caught? Id enjoy seeing them all. Plus to count as the most fish, a picture of each fish has to be posted enable to count towards each persons total fish. Nice fishing by the way.

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