Acorn Floats

Owner's Acorn Floats can be used for keiryu fishing in place of yarn markers.  You could use them anywhere you would use a yarn indicator or thingamabobber (or just plain ol' bobber). The stem and tubing makes them very easy to adjust - just thread your line through the tubing and then insert the stem into the tubing to hold the line in place. The fluorescent orange top makes them quite visible. Constructed of balsa wood, they are naturally buoyant and never require any floatant or treatment.

They come in three sizes, 40mm, 45mm and 55mm (from the top of the float to the bottom of the stem. A couple years ago I carried the 55mm size, which is much better suited to fishing for trout than to micros or even sunfish.

Currently, I have the smallest in stock, with the idea that they will be small enough to work well when fishing for larger micros (creek chubs, common shiners, etc.). Additionally, the smaller size should make them more appropriate for use with seiryu rods. I would still choose tanago floats when fishing for the smallest micros, though.

The shape of the Acorn Floats makes them quite stable, which makes them a good choice for fishing in streams. One BB shot will sink the 40mm float to the upper black line, leaving the entire orange top visible. Instead of one BB shot, you could use two #4 or four #6 shot (not counting the weight of your hook and bait - so you should test the float with the hook and bait you are using to get the proper weight).

The shape of the Acorn Floats also makes them a better choice than the Nakazima Ball Floats. The Nakazima floats are considerably less expensive, but their round shape is not good for shy biting fish. Fish really will spit out bait if they feel tension or resistance on the line, and  a round float does generate more resistance.

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