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TenBum's Timely Tips 12-22-13
December 22, 2013

TenBum's Timely Tips

First, let me assure you I'm not going to clog your inbox with an email every day.

The guys who subscribed after the first tip went out but before I put a link to it on the "thank you" page have gotten nothing. That's the reason for this second email.

If you didn't get the tip or the link, you can find the first Tenbum's Timely Tip here: TenBum's Timely Tips - 12-21-13

Informal Poll

Jason Klass recently interviewed me and just published it on Tenkara Talk. If you haven't seen it yet, it's here: Tenkara Talk Interview.

Jason asked me why I wear camo. I don't know if my reasoning was persuasive but a couple of the early comments suggested interest in a camo fishing shirt.

If you would be interested in a camo fishing shirt please reply to this email.

If so, would you prefer

T-shirt, regular 7-button shirt or "fishing shirt" like the fancy ones but in camo (these may not exist and may be prohibitively expensive to make in small quantities)?
Digital, WWII woodland, or modern Mossy Oak type camo?
Anything else? Suggestions? Comments?

I'm not taking orders, I'm just curious if it's an idea worth pursuing. If only 3 or 5 guys want one, I'll just consider myself eccentric and let it go at that. If over half the people say yes, YES, YES! I'll find some shirts.

TenBum's Timely Tips - Specials

When I got in the last bunch of hen pheasant skins, I also got one hen pheasant tail. Hen pheasant tail isn't traditional for tenkara flies. I think it's used mostly for wings on winged wets, tailing material and wing cases on nymphs.

Hen Pheasant tail - $5

Click this link to view or buy: TenBum's Timely Tips - Specials.

TenBum's Timeless Trivia:
A group of pheasants is called a nid, nide, or bouquet.

That's all for now.

Best regards,

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