Tying Tenkara Flies DVD

The Tying Tenkara Flies DVD is out of production and no longer available.

The Tying Tenkara Flies DVD is the first DVD to show you how to tie tenkara flies. This DVD will walk you through the tying process step by step. Whether you are a "one fly" angler or like to tie and fish different flies (17 patterns are included in the 2.5 hour video), the DVD has something for everyone.

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More than that, though, the Tying Tenkara Flies DVD explains why the Sakasasa Kebari flies look the way they do, tells you how to fish each fly and also shows a "fish's eye view" of flies under water. You can see for yourself how dry fly hackle, partridge, pheasant and starling hackle all move when the fly is manipulated. You'll also see fish being caught by Dr. Ishigaki, Daniel Galhardo and myself on flies tied in the video. There are some scenes with the CDC & Elk in particular that pretty dramatically illustrate the benefits of keeping the line off the water, which is what I think tenkara is all about.

Professionally shot and edited, this is probably one of the best fly tying DVDs from a production standpoint you'll ever see. Modesty prevents me from saying it is the best from a tying standpoint (I tie most of the flies on the video, with other flies tied by Dr. Ishigaki, Daniel Galhardo, Erik Ostrander and Rob Worthing of Tenkara Guides, and Dennis Galyardt).

Tying Tenkara Flies Trailer

The Tying Tenkara Flies DVD also shows very interesting variations on a theme. Dr. Ishigaki, Daniel Galhardo and I each tie the Ishigaki Kebari - and we each tie it a little differently. The variation extends to Killer Bugs. I tie my version of Frank Sawyer's legendary fly (which catches more fish for me than any other fly). Erik Ostrander and Rob Worthing tie their modifications - Erik ties a Utah Killer Kebari and Rob ties a Utah Killer Bug. And these Killer Bug variations are some of their most productive flies as well!

And, of course, a fly tying video brought out by LearnTenkara would have to include a fly designed by LearnTenkara's Ashley Valentine. The Punk Rock Sakasa Kebari may look and sound a little funky, but fishing this fly on the Gibbon River in Yellowstone was the only time I ever outfished Dr. Ishigaki and Daniel Galhardo combined!

Photo courtesy LearnTenkara.com

The Tying Tenkara Flies DVD - $25

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Tenkara Fly Tying Kits

I've put together kits for several of the flies featured in the Tying Tenkara Flies DVD. Each kit includes all the materials you will need to tie 25 flies of one particular pattern. This is a radically different approach than most fly tying kits, which seem to have a little bit of a lot of different materials - most of it low quality and most of which you would never use. These kits provide good quality materials (the same materials I use for tying my own flies) and premium Daiichi hooks.

Each kit is for one pattern only, a nod to those anglers who wish to try a "one fly" approach, or to those who wish to try a new pattern without having to buy a whole bird skin or enough yarn to knit a sweater.

The following kits are available:

CDC & Elk

Ishigaki Fly

Killer Bug

Killer Bugger (not on DVD)

Killer Kebari

Takayama Sakasa Kebari


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I firmly believe that the Tying Tenkara Flies DVD I recently purchased from you is one of the best investments I have ever made in terms of a fly tying video, and as I am a very visual learner, it is as good, if not better, than most books on the subject.

My favorite patterns from the video for my area are the Sakakibara Kebari, the Pheasant Tail, the Sakasa Copperbari, and the Killer Bug. I would be inclined to tie the Sakakibara pattern on a sightly larger hook for bass, but the #6 will certainly work for small bass in my area, as well as the larger sunfish. I have long fished the traditional Pheasant Tail nymph and/or soft hackle so the Tenkara version needs no further 'selling' for me to tie it. The Sakasa Copperbari is not only a fine looking fly, but it will allow me to fish a bit deeper, something that is needed in my area in the heat of summer. And of course, the Sawyer Killer Bug version you have created for Tenkara is not only an old favorite of mine, but a fly with a long tradition of killing fish.

So thank you for making the DVD available. It was well produced, and even though I have been tying flies for almost sixty years, I managed to learn a trick or twist or three from viewing it. Money well spent, and a good introduction to the flies I will be using with my Tenkara rod.

Thank you.

Paul J, Texas

I just wanted to let you know I just finishing your fly tying video and I loved it. Have been tying for about 3 years and I am now hooked on Tenkara. You are doing a great job and wanted to thank you for all you do.

Beverly D, New Mexico

I bought the fly tying video Tying Tenkara Flies. I want to tell you how much I appreciate all of your knowledge you give in it. I have been able to follow you perfectly and you explain things in a way that a novice like me can understand. I really like how precise and detailed you explain and do things. You have given me the know how and the skills to tie my own flies! I feel very comfortable in attempting any fly you tie and creating my own. You are a great teacher. Thank you so so much.

The hand written note was the icing on the cake. No one has ever taken the time to hand write me anything in 15 years of online purchases.

Ian S, Washington