The Last Blue Yarn Fly

by Vic Velasco
(Reston, VA)

Blue Yarn Surf Candy

Blue Yarn Surf Candy

With Sep 30 around the corner, I figured I'd tie up one more fly for the contest. It's an Ugly Surf Candy using blue yarn for the top instead of hair. I used a bit of non-lead wire so this one can sink and get down low in the water column. I also made sure the epoxy was not smooth so the retrieve will be more erratic.

I also rebuilt the blue pencil popper from last weekend (the bass worn the sharpie marker off - and I dressed it up some more with glitter glue) for topwater fishing.

The weather looks good tomorrow for the entire East Coast - I'm making a last push for the big ones!!! So this is the last blue fly from me - at least before the contest ends...

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