TenkaraBum No Vise Challenge - Old Hand

by Jeff D
(KC, MO)

the ugly fly

the ugly fly

the ugly fly the fish didn't care how ugly it was

Gamakatsu size 4 stinger
chartreuse sparkle fiber
yellow kevlar thread
super cheap yellow hackle

I chose a pretty big hook for two reasons. First, I hand-held it while tying instead of using hemostats. Second, I wanted it to look like the big yellow mayflies we get here and I expected larger fish to be interested.

As it turns out, I only caught a few bluegill with it. I used it with my Nissin Pro Square 360 6:4 and a #3 line, 6x tippet. Unfortunately, shortly after I caught the fish pictured I managed to catch one of those horrible tangles of fishing line you often find in heavily fished areas and lost the fly.

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The hooks are sharp.
The coffee's hot.
The fish are slippery when wet.

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