TenkaraBum Hi Vis level line

by Bill aka "springwell"
(South West Wales.)

Hi Chris,

Line received over here in Wales, thanks for the little extras too.

I've not had a chance to try it yet, heavy rain and dirty rising rivers today.

Certainly looks the business though, I've been struggling to find something like this over here. It will also come in very useful for the winter grayling in the low light.

I'll do a little write up when I've used it for my favourite wild Welsh brownies.

Thanks again.


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Jul 16, 2011
Awaiting test results
by: TenkaraBum


Looking forward to your reports on both the wild brownies and the winter grayling.

Best regards,

Jul 23, 2011
Hi Vis level line test.
by: Bill


I got out today and gave the line a good trial. The day didn't start too well, I snapped an inch off the rod tip.

Necessity being the mother of invention I threaded a length of leader through the rod and tied on the level line, I was determined to fish.

The line is certainly visible, it almost glows orange in the sunlight and you can see all the takes. The line soon looses any memory with a quick stretch and has a bit of stiffness, just right.

I had the best day of the season with wild brown trout up to 2lb.

I'll be using this level line for the rest of the season now and recommend you give it a try, its good!

Bill aka "springwell"

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