TenkaraBum Challenge - Wedgespot Shiner

by Alan Luecke
(Kansas City, MO)

Wedgespot Shiner

Wedgespot Shiner

Wedgespot Shiner Unidentified Shiner Size 25 Killer Bugger

Side pools to the main channel I got lots of fish with the little size 25 Killer Buggers. Most of those were sunfish and many of the rest were shiners.

There are lots of shiners with silver sides and dark backs. Until a get a better camera and more knowledge, who knows maybe I caught three different kinds.

This weeks project is to tie up some more little flies. I think beadhead maybe the way to go. When I tied a bead above the fly in place of a small shot, which I forgot, fish hit the bead more than the fly. With the second fly I threaded a small bead on to the tippet and let it ride against the fly and it did fine.

As with all flies tie lots. Little ones stick in trees just as well as larger ones. Also, they can succumb to fish teeth rather quickly since there is so little material to start with.

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