TenkaraBum Challenge - Mummichog

by Chris Stewart
(New York City)

White bead Killer Bugger

White bead Killer Bugger

White bead Killer Bugger Mummichog

Coach and I were out on another species quest and he said he knew a place were we could catch mummichog. He was right!

I sight fish for micros when I can. Sometimes you can feel the take if you use a light enough line, but I am convinced you only feel a small fraction of takes. A black Killer Bugger often disappears against a dark bottom, so I thought a white bead would make it more visible.

It worked very well. I caught several by seeing the take, and several more casting beyond where the bead was visible. The wet size 20 Killer Bugger and glass bead was just heavy enough so that I could use 6x tippet for my line. The line was light enough that it registered takes much better than the size 3 line Coach was using. If the line is light enough, the fly doesn't have to be very heavy to cast the weight of the fly.

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