TenkaraBum Challenge - Longear Sunfish

by Levi Cain
(Blanchard, OK, USA)

size 18 Black Killer Bugger Fly

size 18 Black Killer Bugger Fly

size 18 Black Killer Bugger Fly Longear Sunfish Walnut Creek, Blanchard, OK

Continuation of my Bluegill story.
As I continued to fish with the same fly my entire time at Walnut Creek. I could see Longear Sunfish all over in the pool I was fishing. I would even see them shoot for my fly but miss it every time. But finally I was able to get one of them to take my fly. And its a good thing I caught him when I did because it wasn't much longer after I caught this Longear Sunfish that I ended up breaking my fly off when attempting to set the hook. Once I broke off I called it a day and headed home. But within an hour's time I was able to catch 4 various species of fish on the same fly. Or at least 3 different species and 1 combination of species in one fish.

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