Tenkara USA Ito

by Dave Southall
(East Yorkshire, UK)

Already an owner of a 12' Iwana & 13' 6" Amago, I decided to buy the new Ito this October. I do a lot of grayling fishing on my local UK rivers & often fish with very fine tippet (7x) & tiny flies (size 20 to 30 CdCs & micro-nymphs & midge pupae). I loved the Amago but felt it to be a bit too unforgiving when bigger fish were being played on light tippet: so much so that I experimented with a length of Power Gum in my line set up as an extra shock absorber.

The Ito has proved to be outstanding when using light tippet thanks to its softer action. Also its extra length at full extension is great on bigger rivers.

I have already landed grayling up to 17" (plus rainbows to 15" & browns to 18") with it, whilst my mate Steve landed a superb 18.5" grayling on his Ito a couple of weeks back.

In conclusion, brilliant rod, well finished & a joy to fish with, very light in the hand despite its length.

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Nov 26, 2011
A better choice
by: TenkaraBum

I can't think of a better rod than the Ito for the combination of long casts, small flies and light tippets.

I just wish we had some 18" grayling here to fish for in the winter!

Nov 27, 2011
Fluvial Grayling
by: Paul Arnold

Me too, Chris. As far as I know, the only water in the USA for fluvial grayling (not the lake variety of grayling) is the Big Hole River, located south of Butte, Montana. Their habitat was much wider at one time -- witness the name of Grayling, Michigan; but like the elk population, they were pushed westward. Fun to catch, and the outsized dorsal fin is always a welcome novelty.

Nov 28, 2011
Yellowstone grayling
by: Dave Southall

When my mate Steve Donohue & I visited Yellowstone a couple of years back Steve had a 14" grayling from the lower Gibbon River.

Here in the UK we've learned to love our grayling: (40 to 50 years ago they were treated by many fly fishermen as vermine & thrown onto the bank).

You obviously view our grayling like we view your brookies & cutthroats. I've really enjoyed my few trips to the USA (Yellowstone, Bitter Root River & Smokey Mountains) after your indigenous salmonids. Variety is the spice of life. I just wish I'd been into Tenkara when we visited the Smokies.

Nov 30, 2011
Gibbons Grayling - Hmmm
by: Paul Arnold

Thanks, Dave, for that info. I'm going to run that past a friend who is active in the Big Hole Foundation. The literature about that river proclaims it to be the sole remaining river in which grayling are found. Lake grayling are more or less ubiquitous, but not the river variety. A mystery to be solved.

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