VACATION 5/29 - 6/7

The TenkaraBum Store is open. You can order anything that is in stock (if it won't stay in the shopping cart isn't in stock). However, Shipping and Customer Service are both on vacation.

1. It is a real vacation, not a working vacation. (I do not plan on answering the phone or email for an entire week).

2. Email order confirmations will not be sent. If PayPal indicated that you completed your order, I got your order.

3. If PayPal sends you a confirmation that your order was shipped (check your spam folder), it was shipped. If you didn't get a confirmation, it didn't get shipped. When I return, I will process orders in the same sequence I received them (which means if you wait until I get back to place an order, you will have a week's worth of orders in line ahead of yours).

Shipments will resume June 8. If you do not live in the US and if you did not pay ADDITIONAL international postage (at the bottom of most pages) your order will not get shipped until the postage is paid.

4. To track a package, go to USPS Tracking, enter the number in the big box that says "Tracking (or receipt) number." If it shows no movement, click on "Email Updates" on the right hand side. Enter your name and email address (make sure it is right) and click on "Send me all future activity for this item." That request sends a notice to all postal facilities through which the package should have gone to find it and get it on its way. That usually gets the package moving within a couple days.

Tenkara - Seiryu - Keiryu Rods

Tenkara - Seiryu - Keiryu Rods: these are rods that I had gotten in to evaluate. For various reasons I have not (or have not yet) chosen to carry them in quantity, but each is a nice rod for its own niche. All the rods on this page are made in Japan.

Except as indicated, only one of each rod is available. Replacement parts will be available but will not be kept in stock.

International shipping requires additional postage. Please see Shipping section below.

No rods in this category at this time.


Payment is through PayPal but you don't need to have a PayPal account. You can use your credit card. PayPal payments will be made to chris at tenkarabum dot com. Credit card statements will read CM Stewart.


Shipping to US addresses Is $8 via priority mail (2-3 day delivery). International shipping is via first class mail and requires an extra $6 to Canada and $11 elsewhere.

International shipping for rods
International Shipping

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