Tenkara on the River Calder UK

by Simon
(Wales UK)

Over the last weekend I had an offer to fish the River Calder in Lancashire by a friend who had known about my Tenkara habit.

He told me not to bring the T as the fish in the river would be too powerful for the rod. Anyway the day arrived, along with my 7ft 3 weight and the Tenkara packed we set off to new waters.

The river had ideal runs that screamed Tenkara. Anyway we went through the first run with “Normal river rods” we both had 2 brown trout, Ian then said to try the Tenkara again through the run. Handing the Tenkara to him with 2 heavy GRHE over the next few casts fish appeared from what were before dead runs before taking the offered nymphs.

An impressed Ian! In the next run I hook into a good Brown which had the Tenkara bent in half as it showed off it's aerobatic skills, while impressing Ian again that the rod could cope with a powerful fish.

Over the next few hours we swapped between rods as condition dictated, one very fast run with a slack pool impossible to fish with a normal rod produced another very good brown.

By the end of the day a another converted trout man, Tenkara rod to be ordered this week.

Put a Tenkara rod in the hands of a fisherman in the “right” type of waters and you will convert them.


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Aug 24, 2011
by: Dave Southall

It's good to see more & more UK fly fishers trying out tenkara & realising the presentational benefits.

I've landed brownies up to 18" on my 12' Iwana but must confess that it has limitations. I was smashed up recently by a trout of about 15" because the fish were midging & I had to use a size 24 CdC with 7x tippet in order to tempt them to take. I've read about monster fish taken on tenkara but would certainly not recommend it for waters holding big fish. I love my Tenkara rods (12' Iwana & 13.5' Amago) for rivers holding wild trout & grayling up to about 14" but prefer the safety of a conventional outfit for big fish such as the 24" brownie I had recently from my local Driffield Beck or the 18" grayling I had from the same water earlier in the year.

Tenkara has certainly 'arrived' in the UK providing us with lots of fun & a brilliant presentational tool. I strted trialing tenkara last November & have already converted several other friends, including Stuart Crofts, one of the UK's top fly fishermen, who has fished for the England Flyfishing Team.

Aug 28, 2011
Rod arrives!
by: Simon

Ian ordered his rod on Friday midday, rod arrived midday Saturday! Very impressed with the service.

Sep 01, 2011
Enjoyed reading this!
by: Anonymous

Simon, I've enjoyed reading your writings on the TenkaraUSA Forum and it's great to see you posting here. It's good to hear about the flexibility and innovative openness of many great contemporary flyfishers who come from a storied flyfishing tradition. I'll be waiting for more of your writings.

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