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Tenkara in Focus downloads provide additional material and insights not contained in the Tenkara in Focus free episodes. Paul Gaskell and John Pearson travel to Japan to learn from the masters and from accomplished Japanese tenkara anglers. Luckily for us, they take cameras so we can "look over their shoulders" to see what they saw and learn what they learned.

Discovering Kebari:

Choosing & Using Flies That Catch Fish

The Discovering Kebari - Choosing and Using Flies That Catch Fish provides such comprehensive coverage of Japanese tenkara flies and how they are used that the simplest thing to do is just show you the table of contents.

The first section covers a few key elements of tenkara fly design, including the differences between Sakasa Kebari, the familiar forward sweeping hackle style, and Jun Kebari, the even more familiar (to us in the West) perpendicular or backward sweeping hackle styles that could easily pass for Western dry flies or wet flies.

The second section covers fish feeding behavior (you just can't have a book written by a guy with a PhD in Biology that doesn't dip into the biology of the subject matter). The biology, though, does underscore the entire DVD and ebook series - after all, we are trying to trigger a biological response (Eat my fly!).

The third section is a much closer look at specific design elements, examining among other topics why you would want to use a sakasa kebari in some cases and a jun kebari in others, and why kebari traditionally do not have tails, which are a central design element for so many Western flies.

The fourth section explains in detail how the flies are actually fished - including weighted flies - which you never seem to hear about with respect to tenkara. Various techniques for fishing upstream, downstream and across the stream are presented. Techniques for using the current to take your fly directly to the fish and even for using a breeze to take your fly directly to the fish are discussed. You probably always thought that the wind was your enemy, but you can use it to your advantage!

The fifth section ties it all together and presents what Paul calls "The Secret of All Fly Fishing." And he's almost certainly right! Ignore it at your peril.

The sixth section summarizes fly characteristics and applications.

The appendix provides a guide to tying materials and the dressings for the flies that are featured in the book.

Altogether, the Discovering Kebari e-book is a tremendous amount of accumulated knowledge that for all practical purposes would not be possible to acquire any other way. It's $21.87 - which is less than a tank of gas - and not even round-off error for calculating the cost of a trip to Japan to learn the techniques yourself. What is your limited time on stream worth to you? What would catching more fish be worth? The book is a bargain.

Discovering Kebari:
Choosing and Using Flies that Catch Fish


Download the e-book by clicking on this link to Gumroad (which is the service that Paul and John chose to provide their e-book).

Discovering Kebari: Choosing and Using Flies that Catch Fish

Tenkara in Focus Episode 6
Premium Download
Takahashi Tenkara / Nymphing

Paul and John have done it again!

For years we have been told that Japanese tenkara anglers use only unweighted wet flies. Then Paul and John revealed in their Discovering Tenkara DVD Vol.1 that no less an angler than Dr. Ishigaki uses a "secret fly" that has a tungsten bead head!

In their latest premium download, which accompanies their free Tenkara in Focus Episode 6, they bring us an on-stream lesson from Shin Takahashi, in which he fishes various weighted flies, either lightly weighted with copper wire or more heavily weighted with a tungsten bead head. He even fishes for a while with split shot on the line.

His fishing style is not referred to as "tenkara," but is in fact a blend of tenkara techniques and Euronymphing techniques. At one point, Ubi (Uberto Calligarich, a gold medal winning competition angler) who interprets for Takahashi san, says that he approaches the river just like a competition angler would.

Anyone who has ever thought that a tenkara rod ought to be great for fishing nymphs (only to be told "that's not tenkara") should watch this premium download. Takahashi san not only catches fish with his weighted flies, he does so following fairly closely behind another fisherman. He catches fish the guy directly in front of him couldn't! Some of his techniques you might pick up on your own, some you never would without watching the video and reading the accompanying pdf file.

Most of the flies he uses during the on-stream lesson are clearly not what we would think of as tenkara flies. They show the influence of European nymphs, Western wet flies and even ayu flies.

Paul and John have thrown in a couple bonus downloads, each of which shows two of Takahashi san's flies, including the one that caused Itoshiro to change their rules from "Catch & Relase" to "Catch & Release no more than Ten Fish" after Takahashi san caught and released 121 fish! Catching over 100 fish in a day is quite an accomplishment anywhere, but doing it on a stream as heavily pressured as Itoshiro is nothing short of fabulous.

For those who have always thought that all Japanese anglers fished the same way, this video is an eye opener. "Ten Colors" doesn't even approach describing Takahashi san's style. He doesn't use a tenkara rod. He doesn't use tenkara flies. What he does do is catch enough fish that he has to stop fishing.

I think this video lets the genie out of the bottle. Want to fish weighted nymphs with your tenkara/keiryu/seiryu rod? You are now in good company. It may not be tenkara but who cares? Takahashi san catches fish in difficult conditions, and you can too. In the future we will see a lot more "fusion fishing," blending tenkara and Euronymphing techniques. This video and pdf are just the start.

Click on the link to download the full bundle of the video, the accompanying PDF lesson and the two PDFs that reveal six of Takahashi san's nymph patterns.

The price for the bundle is $32 - roughly equivalent to a dozen flies plus shipping. You would lose more than a dozen flies trying to learn for yourself what you will learn from the video and accompanying PDF files.

The billing and download is processed by a company called Gumroad. If you have any Gumroad related questions, a good place to start is the Gumroad FAQ.

I suspect I will offer more of Paul and John's Tenkara in Focus Premium Downloads, but this one is a very good one to get the ball rolling.

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This is a review of "Tenkara in Focus Episode 6 Premium Download."

First off, thanks Chris for offering this download. It was worth every penny. Paul and John from England have several free videos on YouTube that are worth viewing as well.

I have watched the video twice now, and have learned a lot!

Les A, Idaho