Tenkara fishing in Spain

by Jeffry Gottfried
(Portland, Oregon)

I've been traveling in Spain and doing a little tenkara fishing. It is extremely difficult for a foreigner to get a fishing license and then permission to fish on a particular piece of a stream or river.

I hired Alex Luque, a delightful young man and guide from San Sebastián, Basque Country, to get my licence and permission to fish on the Bidasoa River. Alex fished a western fly rod and I fished my Ito Tenkara USA rod. After hours of fishing promising looking waters with a Kebari, I switched to a bushy, size 12 caddis pattern that I skittered all over the river, as only a tenkara angler can, inspiring numerous surface attacks by native brown trout (trucha comun). Needless to say, Alex was very impressed! It was a great day!

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May 30, 2016
Beauty of a Brown
by: Mike Agneta

Wonderful fish, sounds like an amazing experience to fish abroad. Was Alex familiar with tenkara? If not, perhaps he'll be adding a rod or two to his guiding services. :)

May 31, 2016
Brown trout
by: Kevin Jacka

What a beauty such distintive spots.

May 31, 2016
Fishing abroad
by: Jeffry Gottfried

I'm now almost 69 years old. After my wife died very suddenly three years ago, I decided that life is too short and uncertain to put off traveling and fishing. I have wonderful experiences in Croatia/Slovenia where I fished with / was hosted by Darko Guryan. Day one I fished tenkara and Darko fished his Sage rod/reel. He caught 12 fish, Browns and Grayling and I caught 8. Day two, I fished my Sato rod and Darko fished my Ito. We stopped counting. Day three, Darko bought my Ito!

Alex, in Spain was duly impressed but he's a harder nut to crack than Darko. In fact for most of our fishing, he annoyingly insisted on fishing spinning lures! He may yet come around, since I landed more fish than he for two days in a row.

I have also caught rainbow trout in Argentina on tenkara but since this was a totally artificial situation (i.e. no native trout in S hemisphere), it almost doesn't count!

Jun 17, 2016
by: Luis

kebaris doesn't work too much over here, unless they're white or very clear. Caddies do it a lot better.

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