'TENKARA DAY' Derbyshire Wye


Well 'the fire' is spreading fast! Tenkara is really starting to 'take off' in the UK. As a committed tenkara convert, I was recently invited (with the help of my tenkara buddy, Steve Donohue) to demonstrate tenkara on the beautiful Derbyshire Wye. The trout season being over, grayling were to be our target.

Attendees had a range of tenkara rods to try out from an 11' Iwana to the 14' 7" Ito (provided by Steve, myself and a couple of other friends I'd converted to Tenkara). We also compared Furled & parallel lines and looked at the use of Power Gum as an extra shock absorber when using fine tippets (7x which we were using with size 20 dry flies).

We had great success, despite a brisk breeze, with many quality grayling up to 15" caught, plus a number of out of season brown trout & rainbows up to 18". All the attendees were most impressed with tenkara and many decided there and then to purchase tenkara rods. Opinions on Furled versus Parallel lines were mixed, as would be expected. However, two comments kept being made:

"I've caught fish from spots I could never fish with my normal rod, thanks to the ability to present a drag-free drift."

"I was able to repeatedly cast to a fish without spooking it, thanks to the lack of line splash."

Last week I had an article about tenkara fishing for grayling published in the Grayling Society Magazine and have had several e mails from interested members.

Today I had an e mail from the editor of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine concerning an article I'd submitted about tenkara which should further 'fuel the fire'.

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Oct 27, 2011
Tenkara Day
by: Karel@tenkaraonthefly.net

Great stuff, would love to be able to fish for grayling here (Colorado)... do you have a link to the articles?

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