Sunset Amnesia

Sunset Amnesia is an extremely high visability nylon mono. Being nylon, it does not have the density of fluorocarbon, and will not cast as easily. However, the extremely high visibility of the bright fluorescent red or green line may make up for it.

Some people use a foot or two tied onto the end of their tenkara lines to aid in seeing strikes. It definitely does help. Even though fluorescent orange Sunline or the fluorescent chartreuse Yamatoyo line are pretty hi-vis, against some backgrounds they are a little hard to see.

There is no background in nature that is the same red as the Sunset Amnesia, though, and it does not blend into any background. Even the fluorescent green Amnesia is brighter than the fluorocarbon lines.  A bit of the green will give you a sighter that just pops out from the background.

Recently, there has been some talk about using Amnesia as a tenkara line. Actually, the topic has come up several times, and the discussion always seems to come out about the same. People really love the color, really hate the casting.

Not long after I had started fishing with a tenkara rod in 2008, I decided I preferred level lines. At that time I used nylon mono rather than fluorocarbon. Hi-vis mono was readily available and I had not yet discovered hi-vis fluorocarbon.

When I did find a hi-vis fluorocarbon I switched to fluoro and almost didn't look back. It cast so much more easily. Of course the critical factor that I did not understand at the time, and to be embarrassingly honest about it, did not reconize until fairly recently, is that the stiff old Korean rod I had a the time (very similar to a Yamame) just doesn't cast mono well.

Softer rods will cast a light line more easily than will the stiffer rods. Perhaps it is that the softer rods provide more spring - the tip moves forward further when you make an abrupt stop to your forward cast, which propels the line, but it then rebounds further, which helps a lighter line turn over. Next time you are out fishing, try raising your rod tip after you have stopped the cast and as the line is rolling out. I think you'll see that the line turns over more easily. The softer rods essentially do that for you. And the softer the rod, the more it springs forward and back, and the lighter a line you can cast.

Had I known then what I know now, and had I had a softer rod, I might very well have decided there was no need to switch.

If you want to be able to cast the most visible line around, even in extremely low light conditions, consider the Nissin Royal Stage Syunki (seiryu rod). It is a very light, very soft rod. It can cast Amnesia.

Because nylon is less dense than fluorocarbon, you cannot take the same diameter nylon and expect it to work nearly as well as fluorocarbon. You need to adjust for the lower density by using a thicker line. I would recommend the 15# Amnesia.

Sunset Amnesia - 15# Fluorescent Green 200' spool - $4.25


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