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RIGS Floating Tenkara Line

The RIGS Floating Tenkara Line gives US tenkara anglers just what they've been asking for. For years now, anglers have requested a floating line but no one gave them what they wanted. I played around with a floating line when I fished with a TFO Soft Hackle rod but I decided not to offer one. The line I used with the TFO was heavy and I was focused on light lines. This line from RIGS is just what people have been asking for.

RIGS had three specific applications in mind when they designed the RIGS Floating Tenkara Line. They wanted a line that worked well in windy conditions, that provided good dry fly drifts and that provided good presentations in still water.

I face all three of those problems while fishing, but I solve them with three different lines - the RIGS Floating Tenkara Line is designed to solve all three with just one line. I have often written that to me the essence of tenkara is fishing with the lightest line you can get away with and keeping the line off the water's surface. The RIGS Floating Tenkara Line is not the lightest line, and because of that much of it will be on the water.

However, there are tenkara anglers for whom the essence of their tenkara is very different. They don't want a fluorocarbon line no matter how light it is. They want a line that floats - whether for fishing poppers or foam spiders for panfish, or for fishing dry flies for trout in pools or alpine lakes. They also want a line that is heavy enough to buck the wind and yet still floats - and is easy to see.

I discovered that the running line I'd used with the TFO rod was heavy enough to cast bass bugs. The RIGS line is, too. And by the way, if you have a TFO rod and have been searching for a line that works on it, look no further. Of course, I would recommend the Daiwa Kiyose SF rods which I think are much better rods than the TFO. They, too, will cast the RIGS floating line quite nicely.

I'll probably continue to use my own solutions most of the time, but I do recognize that the RIGS Floating Tenkara Line meets a need that hadn't been met. For those anglers who want to fish tenkara (but who want to do it differently than I do) I am happy to offer the RIGS tenkara lines.

I carry the RIGS 15' floating line. The line have about 13' of PVC coated running line, a 5-6" length of bright red Hi-Vis sighter, 18-20" of clear mono and a tippet ring. You could make your own (but then again, I could have, too). RIGS has done the development work on overall length, length of Hi-Vis sighter vs. clear mono, and  choice of materials. Choosing to use their line is definitely keeping it simple.

The line comes with a loop for a girth hitch so you will need a knot in your lillian.

RIGS Floating Tenkara Line
15' line - $30

Attaching the line to the rod

Fold braided loop back on itself to form the girth hitch.

Tie overhand knot in end of lillian, insert lillian through the girth hitch, tighten hitch and slide down to knot. 

The braided loop shown above is not from the RIGS line, but the way the girth hitch is formed and attached to the lillian is the same.


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