Quick and easy!

by Simon
(North Wales)

Having a Tenkara rod always set up in the car is too easy! Everybody should have one. Stopped off at the Alyn on the way home from work. The rod had already been left set up with two weighted nymphs after my trip to my brother's on Monday. (A note worth making: The EZ Keepers that are sold to the UK by Chris at TenkaraBum are one of the best investments I have made to go with the rod, for me a must have!)

After some rain at the beginning of the week the river looked a lot better, water clear and less mess on the bottom.

Started fishing a run below a small stone weir, fishing the nymphs up and across the current. A small grayling, and I mean small, just a bit bigger than the fly flew out when I went to cast! Just hooked in the scissors, fish are greedy! Another brown, about 6", also took part in this party.

Moved downstream to another shallow run into fast water feeding a deep pool. On the third cast the tip indicator of the furled leader shot downstream with the bend in the rod following it. After a good fight a very nice size brown trout came to hand, a quick few photos and then released.

Changed to a small dry to finish and managed one more trout in a fast run. In all I was only on the river fishing for about 30 minutes, that included setting up and packing away, that's what tenkara is all about.


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Jul 21, 2011
by: Tim Nitz

There's no doubt that my tenkara gear has allowed me to fish more often (and often on the way home after work), with less frustration (western fly rods simply didn't work well for me on the local water), and on local, small, relatively unfished waters than anything else I've used over my life.

Even better, for me, my success rate has improved to the point that I spend more time enjoying my environs and actually less time angling and, like your recent outing, a little short period of angling often can produce satisfaction.

I wish you the greatest continued enjoyment.

Jul 21, 2011
In complete agreement
by: Chris Kuhlow

I could not agree with both of you more. For the last two years I have always had at least one Tenkara rod in the car with a minimal fly box and amount of gear. Quick trips before and after work have only increased my desire to fish. I can't find a single draw back to this in any other way, with the exception of my jeep being stolen with my gear inside!

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