"One Fly" Tying Kit™
Minimal Dace

The "One Fly" Tying Kit™ Minimal Dace includes materials to tie 25 Minimal Dace bucktails and fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. With additional hooks, you will be able to tie many more than just 25 flies. The flies are tied sparsely, so one bucktail should be enough for hundreds of flies.

The Minimal Dace pattern is the result of two things coming together: a continuing attempt to simplify the flies we fish and the TenkaraBum Streamer Challenge, which seeks to increase awareness that a tenkara or keiryu rod, or even a seiryu rod, can fish a streamer or bucktail very effectively.

One of the flies that has worked well for me in the first month of the TenkaraBum Streamer Challenge has been what I call the Minimal Dace. It is an extremely simple blacknose dace pattern - one that is easier to tie and uses fewer materials (and more readily available materials) than the well known Blacknose Dace bucktail created by Art Flick. The Minimal Dace requires only a bucktail and a spool of black thread. I do not presume to claim it is a better pattern, only that it is simple and effective.

There has been some discussion in tenkara circles about what kind of rod you need to fish streamers. The fly you'll tie with this kit is relatively small (size 12) and quite sparse. You would be able to fish it with just about any fixed line rod. I am sure the Suntech HM30R could cast it easily and fish it effectively.

The only concern is that you might very well hook a fish much larger than you expect. I have fished the Minimal Dace prototypes and the Minimal Dace itself a few days now, and have already caught one of the largest trout of my life. I couldn't get a photo because it was too big to fit in the net. When I reached for my camera it made one mighty flip and was gone.

Please note that there is tremendous color variation in natural bucktails. The hair on the bottom is always white, but the hair on top can range from a light tan to almost black. They'll all work.

Because of US Government regulations, I cannot ship the Minimal Dace tying kit out of the country.

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