Nissin Pro Spec 2 Way 7:3

by Dave Southall
(Easy Yorkshire, UK)

I've just bought the Pro Spec 2 Way 7:3 rod to fish small, well wooded streams for wild brown trout & grayling up to 16 inches.

The zoom facility is great when coping with the varied tree cover. Before I used a 12 foot Iwana but found that I could not fish certain overgrown stretches. I bought the 11 foot Handle for it but found it was too fussy having to take the rod apart & re setup just for one swim. The Pro Spec solves this problem.

On its first day out I had 13 brown trout up to 11" & 7 grayling up to 13", all on size 18 dry flies (CdC Shuttlecocks). The rod handled them well. Casting with an 11 foot level line of 0.35 mm copolymer plus 3 foot of 6x tippet was no problem despite a downstream breeze of 8 miles per hour. I prefer the light copolymer level line because although it is harder to cast with than fluorocarbon it is much easier to hold off the water when using small dry flies & in situations with low trees, where it is impossible to hold line off the water, well greased copolymer floats so does not impede striking or snag on underwater debris & rocks.

This rod feels incredibly light in the hand & responds to a short, crisp casting stroke (more like casting with a conventional rod than the much slower stroke required with a slower rod such as the original Ayu or Ito that I own).

The finish is good although there is a bit of filling in the cork handle & I'd prefer a matt finish to reduce the risk of spooking fish in low, clear water.

I'm very impressed with the rod as is my fishing buddy Steve who now lusts for one.

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May 10, 2014
Good choice
by: Carlos A. Blatt

Bought this rod last year (wrote a review somewhere here at tbum) and is one of my favorites.
Very good, versatile rod.

Oct 05, 2016
Great Rod for Colorado
by: George

Fished this rod all summer on jump across water to the Taylor River and fish from 3" to 18". Haven't tried it yet on my favorite rivers the Arkansas and Rio Grande. It handled all fish with no problem even ones in fast water. May need a stronger rod for the bigger fish in those rivers along with the catch-and-release section of the Taylor. We'll see what Santa thinks:) Fished one section of the Taylor with both a conventional rod and this one. This one was a joy to use and able to cover the water better. I think I'm hooked!

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