More UK Tenkara Days

by Dave Southall
(Yorkshire, UK)

I've just returned from 2 Tenkara Days, the first organised by John Pearson of Fishon Productions & Paul Gaskell of the Wild Trout Trust on the River Don near Sheffield and the second organised by the Cressbrook & Litton club on the beautiful Derbyshire Wye.

On the first day we tested 19 different rods with a range of lines. There was not a bad rod between them but it was obvious which were the more costly ones (better finish, lighter & more responsive). Opinions were varied on lines: some liked very light copolymer level lines for their suerb presentational properties, others preferred fluorocarbon level lines for their improved casting, some opted for tapered copolymer, whilst others liked the furled leaders. John had some nice level ruled extensions which could be loop to looped onto tapered furled lines to extend them.

In the afternoon we tested some out on the river in pouring rain. The fish (trout & grayling) were rising to emerging olives & the rods got a decent testing.

The second day dawned cold, windy & clear with the river pushing through hard and a bit coloured. Club members & guests had a good chance to test a range of rods & lines which prompted much discussion, and there were a few new converts to tenkara. In the afternoon some of us made the most of a hatch of olives by tempting a few lovely stream-bred rainbows & browns to our dry flies.

All in all it was a brilliant 2 days with much exchange of ideas & information. However there was one big minus point!!!! It's going to cost some of us a lot of money buying some of the superb rods we fell in love with!!!!!!

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