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I never did a links page for tenkara - it just never seemed necessary. Micro fishing, on the other hand, doesn't have a central media savvy marketer driving things. Some of  the best resources for the new micro fisher are not obvious and are not easy to find with a cursury search.

Here are a few sites that I have found interesting and useful: 


The NANFA Micro Fishing Forum - the North American Native Fishes Association recently started a Micro Fishing Forum, and they're the experts on fish ID.

The NT-Fishing Micro Fishing Forum - these guys coined the term!

The Roughfish Micro Fishing Forum - created by popular demand.


Micro-Fishing.com - Great articles and resources

.....those other fish - experiences of micro fisherman Arlan Ten Kley

The Compleat Tsuribito - tanago fishing and rod building (and much more) written by a British ex-pat living in Japan

Micro Fishing in the UK - just as the name implies

Ben Cantrell's fish species blog - microfishing and life list fishing

Central Missouri Fishing - micro fishing and seining in Missouri


MicroFishing - The goal of this subreddit is to educate fishermen and the general public about micro-fishing.


Say! What a Lot of Fish There Are. - Article on darters in the Missouri Department of Conservation online magazine July 2013 issue.

The World’s Smallest Game Fish - Article about tanago fishing by Adam Guy, the Compleat Tsuribito blogger.

What is Tanago - Japanese article on tanago (in English)

Japan’s gorgeous, precarious fishing poles - Fascinating article about the nearly lost art of making Edo Wazao, the traditional bamboo tanago rods.

I am sure there are others that I have left out or that I do not yet know about. If you know of a resource that people new to micro fishing should know about please contact me.

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