Micro blast!!!

by Jeff
(Tyler, Texas)

I have been fishing most of my life since I was a kid. I can honestly tell you that micro fishing has brought back that child like joy I haven't felt in years.

I became interested in tenkara and found Chris's site. As I read through I was intrigued with the stories of micro fishing. I began to think of the micro adventures I could go on and how much my kids would love it. Well, I may be more hooked on it than them! Being able to make sport out of chasing tiny species of fish is just a blast. I am now ready to start my life list . So far I have landed black tailed shiners, black stripe top minnows, and small sunfish. The included photo of the blue gill is what I would consider a trophy sized fish on my Daiwa Tanago rod.

I highly recommend micro fishing, and even more so the tanago style rods while in pursuit. Just remember they truly are for fishing very small fish. Can't wait for more micro trips. A+++++

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