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The Kiyose Gallery is a place to upload photos of places you fish with your Daiwa Kiyose rod and to see some of the awesome places other people fish with theirs. The Kiyose is such a lightweight, convenient, take-anywhere rod that I expect to see some truly "Wow! I want to go there!" photos. I do not expect any from the top of Mt. Everest or the North Pole or Great Wall of China, but I do expect some that people will want to put on their bucket list after seeing the photo. So, I'm hoping for water shots, beautiful scenery, and of course, a few impressive fish shots will probably make it into the gallery as well. (I'm definitely not asking for the names of secret places, just really awesome photos.)

I hope the gallery will help more fishermen realize that you can take a Kiyose just about anywere you can take a backpack (or a briefcase, for that matter).

Submit photos by attaching them to an email to chris at tenkarabum dot com.

Alpine Lake - Bill L

Utah - Flint B

Minnesota - Michael H

Goat Lake - Heath H

Russian Far East - Nikolay

Idaho - Heath H

Utah - TenkaraBum

Wyoming - Chris H

New Jersey - TenkaraBum

Vermont - Keith A

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