Fujino Tenkara Straight Line

Fujino Tenkara Straight Line is a new level tenkara line that is unlike anything on the market. It is a braided line. (There are other braided lines, but they aren't like this one.) Unlike furled lines it has a round cross section, minimizing wind resistance. The line is made from a new fiber called Zxion (ze-ku-she-own), a liquid crystal polyester, which has very low stretch and very low water absorption.

The line ends in a braided 30cm nylon sighter that has alternating fluorescent green and black bars at 5cm intervals (which helps you detect the strike and then measure the fish). The end of the sighter has a stopper knot, so tippet is attached in the same way as with a level line. To attach to the lillian, the line has a braided loop similar to those on furled lines or Fujino's tapered nylon lines. Like them, the Fujino Tenkara Straight line is attached to the lillian with a girth hitch.

The line really does seem to be a cross between a level line and a furled line. There is no memory. There is no stretch. (The 30cm nylon sighter will stretch a very little, but the bend in your rod provides all the cushioning).

Because it is braided rather than twisted or furled, it should not get all tangled up when breaking off a snag. Although kevlar furled lines have that characteristic, they absorb water and get heavier. Zxion does not absorb water.

Fly fishermen have panned braided leaders, saying that they spray when you are false casting. Tenkara anglers tend not to make many false casts, so that may not be an issue.

I was able to fish with the line a bit at the Midwest Tenkara Fest. The line suprised me. I was not expecting it to be as light as it is. Liquid crystal polyester has a specific gravity of 1.4 but the line floated. Also, when casting the line it did not seem to be that dense. Perhaps because it is a braid there is a lot of air trapped in the line that keeps it afloat.

If you are looking for a very light floating line, and if your casting form is very good, you might like this line. If you have any problems at all getting a level fluorocarbon line to fully extend, you probably will not like it.

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