Fishing with the Soyokaze

by Hugo Kodesh
(Essex, England)

This was the biggest fish I caught,  silver bream (possibly a roach hybrid) of about 12

This was the biggest fish I caught, silver bream (possibly a roach hybrid) of about 12".

This was the biggest fish I caught,  silver bream (possibly a roach hybrid) of about 12 One of the smaller roach I had on the fly

I got the Daiwa Soyozake 20SR for micro fishing, but I have found it to be a very versatile rod that can be used to catch a multitude of species with different techniques.

So far I have had 4 sessions with the rod and I have fished in both still and running water using both bait and fly fishing techniques (I have been using the Owner tanago floats for bait fishing). When I arrived at my first spot (a lake full of small to medium fish, as well as lots of big carp), I was expecting to catch small roach, gudgeon, ruffe and whatever else turned up. When I was catching these small fish I was very impressed by how sensitive and light the rod felt when I was playing these small fish, even a 2" perch puts a mighty bend in it!

Even though the rod is very flexible, it is still able to land fish to 12" with little trouble. I fished this lake twice and caught 7 species of fish up to 12".

The next place I fished was a old millpond full of roach, dace, bleak and others. I found that tackle control was easy with the Soyokaze, even with fast, unpredictable currents and deep water. I caught several dace to over 6".

Fishing in running water with this rod is a very different experience to fishing in a lake, a fish which came in without a problem in still water became immovable when it got in the current, but the Soyokaze still performed beautifully.

The last place I fished was a small pond that had roach, rudd, goldfish and carp. I decided to target this water with flies as I had never tried fly fishing before. I used size 2 Tenkarabum Hi-Vis line to a 1 lb 8 oz tippet. I caught fish on beadheads, scuds and dry flies in sizes ranging from 20 to 14. The soyokaze casts the size 2 level line very well in both the traditional way and also with a catapult/slingshot cast when there where too many trees behind and above me.

The incredibly soft tip of the Soyokaze cushions the hookset when catching very small fish and handles them very well.

Overall I am very impressed with this rod and I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in microfishing or ultralight fly fishing.

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Apr 12, 2012
Nice Captures
by: jmplsnt

Nice captures and that's a BIG fish as my understanding these are for much smaller prey. I am looking into purchasing one of these and your post has really given me some good information to work with. Thanks for taking the time to share.

Apr 12, 2012
Excellent report!
by: TanagoBum

Thank you for your report. I had thought the 20SR would be very well suited for the 2-6" fish but had not realized that it would also do well for fish up to 10".

Congratulations on your successful first try at fly fishing. That's pretty impressive. I've mostly fished the longer rods but you've given me the incentive to get out with the 20SR some more.

I'm still working on getting the Soyokaze Gallery up but please send more photos if you have them (email to chris at tenkarabum dot com).

Thanks again!

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