EasyGrip™ Foam Fly Box

The EasyGrip Foam Fly Box holds up to 182 flies securely. If you fish once a week and lose just a few flies per trip, that's a year's worth of flies. One really has to wonder about guys who carry a half dozen fly boxes (and that's just in their vest - there's more in the car). This box will hold more flies than you need.

The foam slits hold your flies securely, and the small triangular cut outs make it easy to insert or remove flies without damaging the foam. This is perhaps this box's biggest advantage over the Morell box and is as effective as the higher priced C&F box.

The EasyGrip Foam Fly Box is 4 7/8" x 3 5/8" x 1 1/4". For an quick guide to how big that is, it is the perfect size to fit in the BW Sports Tippet Fly Pouch. If you have a standard fishing shirt (hopefully not one of those sky blue ones) it will fit in the pockets.

There are no sharp edges, corners or protrusions to get caught in your pocket. If you bend over and it slides out of your pocket, never fear, it will float.

The EasyGrip Foam Fly Box weighs 2 ounces.


EasyGrip™ Foam
Fly Box - $15

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EasyGrip™ Foam
Fly Box - $15
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EasyGrip™ Foam
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