Daiwa Folding Net

The Daiwa folding net is a complete redesign of their previous One Touch net. The official name is the Daiwa One Touch Landing Net. Like the previous One Touch, and like the recently discontinued Shimano folding net, it folds to fit into a very compact pouch that is worn on the belt.  It is out of the way, and self contained. You will not have to worry about your net getting caught in branches as you walk down the streamside trail, and then smacking you in the back of the head as the net leash finally pulls it free.

The bottom and sides of the pouch are mesh so the net can dry out between uses.

The wooden handle is 6 1/2 " long, which is plenty long enough no matter how large your hands are. There is a screw eye in the end so you can easily attach just about any net leash. Even though it lives in it's pouch rather than hanging from the back of your vest, it is very nice to have a net leash so you can drop the net while unhooking or photographing your catch, knowing the net will not just float away.

The shape when open is not the familiar round "tamo" shape. It is the even more familiar elongated teardrop we all grew up with. Fish are long and thin, and by the time you can finally net them are usually coming straight at you. Having an elongated net is really not a bad idea.

The Daiwa Folding Net comes in two sizes. The small net, which I suspect will be large enough for most tenkara anglers, has an opening which is 12 1/2" X 8". The net depth is 8". I have not caught any 16" fish since I got in the nets, but I am pretty sure you could net 16" fish without a problem. The large net has an opening which is 15" x 10". The depth is 16". You could probably net a 20" trout in it.

For the Shimano Folding Net, I took a series of photos showing step by step how to fold the net. The new Daiwa Folding Net is easier - to the point that I don't think a series of slightly confusing photos are necessary. 

To fold the Daiwa Folding Net, hold the handle in one hand and the far end of the net in the other. In one motion, you push your hands together and rotate them (one hand clockwise, the other hand counterclockwise) to twist the net. You MUST push your hands together while you do this. In fact, the push, if anything, is almost more important than the twist. You do need both actions. Pushing alone won't work, and twisting alone just bends the net. However, the risk is that you won't push enough, so definitely concentrate on the push. You can't twist and then push, but you can push and then twist. The key really is the push.

When you are done, it will look like this. There will be three tight loops. Depending on how you twist, the loop shown as the top loop in the above photo (top being towards the viewer, not towards the top of the page) may be in the middle rather than on top. It doesn't matter. Both will work. Then just slide it in the pouch and close the flap. There is a velcro closure to keep the net secure.

When you pull the net out of the pouch, it may open by itself. If it doesn't, a sharp flick of the wrist will open it.

The net bag does not have knots and is considerably more fish friendly than traditional tenkara tamos, which have knotted nylon net bags. About the only downside of the net bag is that barbed hooks will catch in it. It isn't a serious problem, but I guess it is one more incentive to fish barbless hooks.

Daiwa One Touch Landing Net
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Daiwa One Touch Landing Net
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