Daiichi Hooks

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Daiichi 1110
Wide Gape Dry Fly Hook, Straight Eye

Midges, Micros

Daiichi 1120
Heavy Wide Gape Scud Hook

Kebari, Killer Bug

Daiichi 1130
Wide Gape Scud Hook

Midges, Micros

25 pack Size 20
25 pack Size 10
25 pack Size 24
25 pack Size 26

Daiichi 1140
Special Wide Gape Hook

Midges, Micros

Daiichi 1150
Heavy Wide Gape Hook


Daiichi 1260
2xl Bead Head Nymph Hook

Bead Head Killler Bugger

25 pack Size 22
100 pack Size 12
25 pack Size 12
25 pack Size 12

Daiichi 1550
Standard Wet Fly Hook

Killer Kebari, Ishigaki

Daiichi 1560
1xl Nymph Hook

Killer Bug,
Killler Bugger

Daiichi 1640
2xs Straight Eye

Stewart Spider

25 pack Size 12
25 pack Size 6
25 pack Size 14
25 pack Size 12

Daiichi 1720 3xl
Streamer Hook

Minimal Dace, Streamers

25 pack Size 12


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