Camo Bandana

TenkaraBum Camo Bandana of Invisibility revealed!

Any gathering of tenkara anglers is likely to spawn a lot of good natured ribbing. Throw a couple keiryu anglers into the mix and it just spices things up a bit. The photo of Craig Thoreson and me with our 7 meter keiryu rods at the Midwest Tenkara Fest prompted a few comments, as could be expected. One mentioned that since I wasn't wearing camo - for once - he could finally see what I looked like.

I replied that I was actually wearing my camo bandana, which was a cross between Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibility and a Klingon Cloaking Device, rendering the wearer invisible to fish, and that it had worked perfectly on that stream. Whether the results of the evening's fishing, in which yours truly easily outfished all the tenkara anglers present (combined!) was a result of the TenkaraBum Camo Bandana of Invisibility or just the perfect drifts and superior strike detection offered by a 7 meter rod (take that, doubters) will never be known. We won't mention for now that Craig Thoreson easily outfished me, but that might have been because he was wearing an extra-virgin olive TenkaraBum Cap (currently out of stock).

TenkaraBum Camo Bandanas of Invisibility

The TenkaraBum Camo Bandanas of Invisibility measure a full 26.375" by 26.375", yielding an amazing 695 square inches of invisibility (before shrinkage).

Made of 100% cotton, they will keep the sun off the back of your neck and can be dipped in the stream to provide 100% natural, sustainable and renewable evaporative cooling.

When folded as shown in the photo above, they can be used as pan holders (provided you are very quick and the pan isn't very hot).

Tenkarabum LLC will not be responsible for burned fingers or dropped pans, which will be prima facie evidence that you were not very quick and the pan was very hot. The TenkaraBum Camo Bandanas of Invisibility can be used as a bandage, though.

I am quite confident that you will find 1001 uses for the TenkaraBum Camo Bandanas of Invisibility, but I feel a duty to warn you that use as a signal flag is not one of them (it's that whole invisibility thing).

Choose the Woodland if you fish in streams surrounded by woodlands. Choose the Desert if you fish in the high deserts of Utah, Colorado, Montana, etc. (or if you want a stylish bandana to go with the 2015 Appalachian Tenkara Jam T-shirt).  Choose the Blue if you fish close enough that your background is the sky (particularly effective if there are clouds and crows). Collect the whole set.

TenkaraBum Camo Bandana of Invisibility - $4
Camo Pattern

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