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Biggest fish entry

by Matthew
(Bend, OR)

Well this was going to be the trip to win hands down the biggest fish in the blue fly contest but we got skunked. We set out after blue sharks about 6am and rode for threeish hours to where we set up our chum slick and figured this was going to be in the bag in an hour or two. We had an oil slick trailing from the boat that made everyone joke about the Valdez and everything was perfect. Sharks had even been seen in the same spot two days before. We waited and waited, no sharks. We saw Rizzo(sp?) dolphins, Black and white dolphins, harbor seals, sea lions, humpbacks, a small unidentified dolphin of some kind and lots of birds. An albatross came by and pecked the fly in the water and I was worried we were going to catch it. We also had a visit by a huge sunfish and the picture makes it look interested in the fly but that was just a lucky shot from an underwater gopro but it looks neat. So sadly this is just a couple neat pictures from a fantastic although sharkless trip :)

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